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Anthony 'MIXEDBYAC' Carballo

AC, is a Billboard charting Mix Engineer/DJ from Houston, Texas. AC has been mixing songs since the age of 15. One day an opportunity into the world of music presented itself, and after spending some time in a self-made studio with a friend, AC knew music was his passion and building his own studio and recording/mixing music was all he could think of. 

After High school, He moved to Orlando, FL to work on music and later got a job as mixing engineer at a local recording studio. With his time being there he was able to work with Tyla Yaweh, SmokePurpp, WHATUPRG, nobigdyl, and many more local artists.

As of almost 2 year ago, He's been freelancing for different artists. AC came a long way from the self-made studio with his friend but this is just the start for him.


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